Monday, March 31, 2008

Twittered and Frozen

I've heard about twitter and have even seen Talula's twitter page, but I didn't really how cool it was. So now I'm hooked and have my own little page. So the link should be somewhere in the links to the right.

So, I'm sitting here typing this blog during my sons Spring Break. It's spring and I am cold, colder than I was last year. It is snowing outside. My son is doing spring themed activities at school, theres Spring themed kids shows out, and we are getting snow.

I actually want sun right now and I hate hot weather.

Sunday, March 23, 2008


It is March and I'm compiling a must get list for my family. Last year when we actually did stuff together we were completely unprepared and bought things along the way. This isn't so great when you need something and can't find it because they are sold out already.

Last year I know we spent too much money on fast food and coffee, so two things will be travel mug and containers for food. I bought three chill tupperwares that will provide enough room for a sandwich and two sides. And that means I'll have to buy utensils .... bwahahahaha ... perfect reasons to buy the beloved spork!

OK so I did a search for one and I found something perfect, but it's not a spork. OK technically it is a fork and a spoon together, but dammit, it's not a spork!! It's called Light My Fire Spork 4 Pack and it is perfect for what I want to use it for. But like the reviewer says - don't call it a spork.

As for travel mugs for coffee, I'm sure what we have will do but man, the temptation to have a frosting frappuccino will be strong. It's one reason I love going on trips.

Happy Easter

So today is Easter, the day of the wired up little kids. For easter my son got 3 small Dove rabbits, that's it for candy. Then he got two little egg toys and an elephant pez dispenser (which he doesn't realize has pez inside.)

There will be no easter egg hunt. No fancy dinner. No fancy dressing up for church. We will build sand castles in the dining room and eat left over casserole.

Simple and fun family time.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I got nothing to say

*glares over to book sitting on desk* So my organization skills are fairly ... ok I'm not gonna lie, they are fairly non-existent. So, I ordered a book to help me out and it just arrived today. When I ordered this book I expected a good sized book. I did not expect the 700+ page book I received.

This thing better be worth the bookshelf space it will inhabit or I'll have to find an alternative use.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Delicious ... Delectable ... Delightful .... Tiki?

Welcome to the wonderful and random world of Agent Tiki.

I'm not sure what exactly you'll find here in the future but I'm hoping to maintain two blogs .. a foodie blog and a slightly random one. (For those just tuning in, imagine several of my friends laughing at the words slightly and random used in the same sentence.)

I'm hoping to customize this soon so if you see it looking weird, bizarre or even down right ugly ... well, hope I'm working on it.