Sunday, March 23, 2008


It is March and I'm compiling a must get list for my family. Last year when we actually did stuff together we were completely unprepared and bought things along the way. This isn't so great when you need something and can't find it because they are sold out already.

Last year I know we spent too much money on fast food and coffee, so two things will be travel mug and containers for food. I bought three chill tupperwares that will provide enough room for a sandwich and two sides. And that means I'll have to buy utensils .... bwahahahaha ... perfect reasons to buy the beloved spork!

OK so I did a search for one and I found something perfect, but it's not a spork. OK technically it is a fork and a spoon together, but dammit, it's not a spork!! It's called Light My Fire Spork 4 Pack and it is perfect for what I want to use it for. But like the reviewer says - don't call it a spork.

As for travel mugs for coffee, I'm sure what we have will do but man, the temptation to have a frosting frappuccino will be strong. It's one reason I love going on trips.

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