Thursday, April 3, 2008

The Lost Clothing

Ah, the joys of elementary school. The land of the lost hats. My son is speech and developmentally delayed so we have to rely on the teachers more than usual. So heres a quick run down of the lost clothing situation.

I'll send my son to school with a blue and red hat, he'll come back with no hat what so ever. So, the next day I will send him to school with a black hat, and send a note mentioning the blue and red hat.

He will again, come home with no hat. I will send him to school with a maroon hat, with a note mentioning the blue and red hat and the black hat.

He will come home with some hat we lost at the beginning of winter ... aside from the blue and red, black and maroon hats.

We keep going through this cycle. Even worse is I've noticed he'll come home with his hat, only to realize it's not his hat. It's his hats twin brother.

So I'm getting a new hat, but it'll be so different from his classmates hats that his teachers can keep better track of it.
First of all ... It'll be a dinosaur hat from Dino Haven. I'm going to customize it with colors, woo, that he absolutely loves. It'll be bright and noticeable. It will also have his initials on it .... with a cute twist of having it echoed in leet. Then, I will tell everyone in that damn school what to look for.

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