Monday, September 15, 2008

I've divorced coffee.

Since my early teens I have loved coffee. I consumed more than my family combined on a regular basis. But in August I initiated a separation and this month I have divorced it. Not just coffee, I no longer rely on caffeine to get me going.

I'm not waking up tired for 1/2 the day, drinking coffee endlessly until eventually around 1 or 2 I'm bouncing off the walls. My family no longer fears the me before my morning cup. I am not the bitch from hell when I wake up and shoes aren't thrown at those who wake me.

Waking up int he morning takes about an hour, sometimes a little more. The hyperness my family once blamed on caffeine is actually my personality, though it's more a energetic me and less hyper crazy talkaholic.

So, to the bonehead who said I could never do this - AH HA! You were wrong!!! Who doubted I could do this? Me.

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