Wednesday, September 17, 2008


My dad wants the house to be painted and I refuse to let him pick the colors. This means I have to pick them. Good yes, but this is quite a difficult task.

We have a fairly neutral colored rug and in the living room we'll be going with more neutral colors. Currently I am torn between coffee bean (a dark brown) and brown suede for one wall in the living room. I wish I had someone to ask.

For the kitchen I am going with sunny colors because the time I spend in there makes me a bit sunny. That's sort of cheesy but it's accurate. Some color names I'm considering are spring squash, lemon butter, pineapple cream, orange ice and peach frenzy.

For the bathroom I'm thinking of either tropical blues, beach tones or a caribbean inspired color set. One problem is I want certain areas to pop out like archways and others I want a smooth look. I've realized how much of a picky perfectionist I am.

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