Friday, August 15, 2008

Beach Trip Gone Wrong

Yesterday we went to the beach and heres a quick run down: Grayland, found beach glass, 3 dogs kept coming up to us and I probably was setting myself up to be mauled.

Basically we went at high tide so I could do a bit of beach combing. For the first time I found beach glass and I was beyond thrilled! It's a small, white but very nice!

We spotted some dogs off there leash and decided to travel some down the beach to stay away. After a while we decided to head back towards where we parked but sadly the dogs were still there and now they were interested in my dog. I was scared to death.

We have a couple of issues with big dogs coming up. First, I was mauled by a dog ... a large dog. Second, my son is scared to death of anything that moves, and a big dog is worse. Third, I have a dog that has nipped at other dogs who were larger than him.

Fierce isn't he?

Now it started with one dog coming over and trying to play with my dog. It was clearly in a playful mood. But my dog growled and he went away. But it came back with two buddies. The playful mood wasn't visible and I was scared.

The dogs wouldn't stay away and the owners didn't care. We ended up having to leave the beach and my son, who hates leaving the beach, ran to the car! Needless to say, it was a bummer.

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