Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Tiki VS Goats Cheese

The problem with asking other people if something is "good" is that everyone has different tastes. When vegemite peeked my curiosity all my online friends in the states said it was gross and that I wouldn't like it. But, I bought a pound jar and proceeded to finish it off in less than a month.

Vegemite was a learning experience. So when I opted to try goats cheese I didn't ask anyone if it was good. I did talk with friends about it and of course heard it was gross from a friend or two.

A few nights ago I bought some goat cheese and stuff to make pizza. The pizza I was aiming for was 6 cheese pesto pizza with heirloom tomatoes. Since my family might not like it, I sprinkled the goat cheese on only half the pizza and offered them think taste-test slices.

Results ... it was the only slice my son ate and my dad, who was leary, ate it first without realizing it at goat cheese - they really enjoyed it. I've been given the ok to try other recipes and I'm excited!!

The next few recipes will have different cheeses. What's in my fridge right now is Gorgonzola, Blue, Goats, Havarti and Cheddar. They will be mixed with fruit, on pizzas, or they will brave a chili.

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