Monday, August 25, 2008

A Picnic and Microsoft - The weekend post

Oh sure, no one would THINK a picnic and microsoft would be associated with each other but guess what ... er well you're right. Two different topics, I'm just too lazy to make two separate posts. Ok so here we go.

Saturday we went to a lovely picnic at our church. There was food, people and a stage with live music. The most inviting part was the 250 lbs of pork, beef and poultry they had barbecued for the event. After the picnic loads of folks took home leftovers so they didn't get wasted, unfortunately I had left hours earlier.

Sunday my computer decided to install XP service pack 3. I've attempted to install this thing 6 times and each time resulted with my computer not starting up. So, when it started installing it on it's own, I did NOTHING, and prayed for the best. Of course I bet my dad it wouldn't load and fortunately I lost the bet.

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