Monday, August 18, 2008

Work Work Work

I woke up yesterday with a plan to blog but then I saw my kitchen. My dad hadn't taken out the garbage like I asked and the dishes had overtaken the countertops. So instead of blogging I did a bit of cleaning up. 1 load of laundry, 2 loads of dishes, walked the dog, and the garbage was taken out.

By the time I had sat down for computer time I totally forgot I was going to blog! It's ok, I might have ended up doing so but I didn't check. Oh well, here's what I was gonna type up yesterday.

We went to the beach Saturday and it was a pretty good day! There were loads of dogs, but almost all were on leashes. The two that weren't were heavily supervised by there owner and he get them distracted enough that we could walk by with no issues.

My dog was having a blast running in the water and sniffing every single rock. He loved sniffing the jelly fish, though one time he tried to eat one. He kept trying to go in the water but my dad didn't.

Towards the end my son and I ended up watch a family surf together. I was really impressed by them because lately I've just been seeing parents chatting while there little kids go into the surf. It's just nice to see families actually spending time together on the beach.

Eventually my dad pooped out and had headed back to the truck. A half later, after my feet had been cut up by rocks and whatever other sharp items had made their way into my shoes, I convinced my son we should look for "grandpoo". Then we ate and left.

It still hurts to walk so I'm keeping off my feet a bit more today. But now I'm doing laundry because today it is cool and windy!! I'm so happy for that!

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