Monday, August 4, 2008

Tropical Monday

Yesterday my dad said we would go to the beach today. I made a point of going to bed early ... ok I didn't stay up past 11:30 ... so I'd be well rested. I woke up to find out that there was no beach trip.

So I decided to make a salad for Tropical Monday. It has ham, rice, pineapple, coconut, macadamia nuts, celery, red apples, green apples, water chestnuts, yogurt, mayonnaise, and salt. It's very simple but after tasting it, it is very good. The rice will be added when it's served so it doesn't get too mushy.

Tomorrow we have plans to go for a drive, though I'm not sure it'll happen. We'll see I guess and at least I'll have salad prepared for when we return.

Plan for later this month ... buy a counter top compost container.

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